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About the company

Established in 2010 RetainingWorld has worked to achieve a product line that is durable, aesthetically pleasing, structural and long lasting.

From pre-stressed concrete sleepers to pavers and pre-stressed split posts for fencing, we have the products for your landscaping structural needs.

Australian owned and operated we operate out of Acacia Ridge, Brisbane using high quality Australian made products to manufacture our quality range.

Our Mission

At RetainingWorld we take pride in our products. The way they are manufactured, the way they are distributed, The way they are installed. We take pride in our people, because without them, we would not be able to deliver a quality product. We are focused on delivering a product that outlast and out performs the competition. Why do we do all this, because once you take ownership of our products, we want you to be proud of your investment.

Our Vision

  • Eliminate the problems
  • Eliminate reoccurring cost
  • Supply Quality
  • Ensure your Structures are safe and sound
  • Supply Piece of mind
  • Set your future in concrete
Call Us: 0417 458 864

Available products

Our product range is always changing and growing we are designing some new and exciting products that will be released to the market within the next few months. Below is a list of our products.

Built to last

Using Australian material and manufacturing every component of our range on site from mould production to colouring the concrete to the finished product we can monitor quality and uniformity across the entire range to ensure you are receiving the best possible product and the best possible price within the best timeframe.

Exceeding Australian Standards

From High early strength concrete, to mould production, to LR wire we strive to meet and exceed Australian standards with all our products. Our product has been certified by Australian structural engineers, please contact us for more information on the integral design and strength built into all our products.

High Early Strength

60 MPA High early strength concrete is used to manufacture our entire product range, ensuring fast turnaround of products, ensuring all reinforcing cables are secured within the concrete and a uniform strength is maintained throughout each product.

Quality Control

Mpa testing is carried out periodically throughout the pouring phase of the products to ensure the quality of concrete is of the standard required of the company. Test and batch sheets are monitored and kept on file also to ensure the highest of quality of the finished products.

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